A Day in the Life: Anorexia

I never thought I’d reblog something, but this post felt so real to me that I needed to share it. Maybe this will help people understand eating disorders a little better. It can be triggering if you struggle with an ED yourself, so please take that into consideration before reading. Thanks for writing this, Cara.

Cara's Corner

I’ve started another mini series about what it’s like to spend a day living with different mental health problems.

I don’t normally do this, but I’m putting a content warning on this post. It might be difficult to read for people who are experiencing or are in recovery from an eating disorder. However, it’s very important to me that the raw, painful truth of mental illness is exposed. There are many, many examples of mental illness being glamourised in the media, but that’s not the reality we live with day to day. This first post is about how it is to live just one day with anorexia. If you think it might affect you negatively, I encourage you not to put yourself at risk by reading ahead. There is no mention of numbers (either calories or weight), but some of the content might be triggering.


I’m awake. Did I actually…

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