I got married!!

I’m so excited to finally share these pictures with you!

Sage and I got married at the City Hall in Toronto and it was such an amazing day! I wish I had recorded the ceremony because it all just happened so fast! Let me start from the beginning.

I woke up earlier because I needed to go get supplies to make my bouquet. Yes, I made my own bouquet the morning of the ceremony. Classic Fay. I also had no idea what I was doing and was slightly freaking out because the internet decided it wasn’t gonna work so I couldn’t get ideas on google. Luckily it was the beginning of the month and I had plenty of data, so I could get a few ideas and after a few failures I had my bouquet!

Photography by Ori Carmona

I got my toenails done the day before and had to fix them myself because apparently people don’t know you’re supposed to cover the entire nail with polish??? I digress. And did my fingernails the night before to make sure I’d have time to fix them in the morning if it was needed. I washed my hair so I’d have fresh looking curls and I realized I was late to get my makeup done by my makeup artist friend! and I low key wish I had done it myself. Not that it wasn’t good, by I’m so used to the way I do it that I felt strange… The plan was to do a simple hairdo but I didn’t have time for that, haha. Classic Fay².

Photography by Ori Carmona

I took the cab three times that day! I never do that because public transit is always much cheaper and better for the environment, but if there was a day it was okay to splurge it was my fucking wedding day!! So there I was in the City Hall with my soon to be husband and my photographer friend (Ori Carmona, who’s AMAZING). The City Hall is gorgeous, so there were lots of people taking pictures there!

Photography by Ori Carmona

My friends arrived and we went in to sign the papers before the ceremony. My dear friend N was kind enough to FaceTime my mom so she could watch the ceremony! It was so sweet ❤️

Photography by Ori Carmona

The ceremony felt waaaay more official than we expected. Of course Sage and I forgot our vows at home LOL so we had to make it up on the spot and I feel like mine was stupid, but his was perfect. I love that man so much!

Photography by Ori Carmona

We then went to a vegan place that was gorgeous! Rosalinda‘s staff was fantastic and we had a wonderful time at the restaurant! They served us family style and we got to try pretty much the entire menu!! If you’re ever in Toronto go there!! Everything was amazing and all the non-vegans were impressed. 😉

I didn’t take pictures of the food because I was too busy being happy and having a good time, sorry. 💖

Photography by Ori Carmona

Anyways, I’m a married woman now!! It still feels weird, hahaha. Sage and I always giggle when we refer to each other as “husband/wife”. It feels so official! We’re so happy!!

Sorry about the watermarks on the pictures! I wanted to make sure they wouldn’t get stolen so I made them obnoxious and I didn’t want to pay to remove the message generated by the app, so it’s extra obnoxious, hahaha. You can see more on my Instagram too! *hint hint wink wink*

I loved the pictures so much! We’ll be getting a few of them printed and framed for sure!

This post has so many exclamation marks!!! It’s about the most exciting day, so I can’t help it, hahaha.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures! I promise I’ll be posting more often now ❤️