Flaming hair for the wedding!

Hi everyone!! I’m really excited today because I’m getting married in three days!!!!! It’s just a small city hall wedding, but it still means so much to me and I’m so happy! We’re going to a vegan Mexican place after the ceremony and I’m also so excited to try the food 😍 (are emojis okay?? Back in my days we’d type “*0*~” to express our feelings, hahaha).

My roots were super long and my hair pretty faded because I was waiting to do my hair the week of the wedding so I could have it fresh for the pictures!

I have a YouTube video showing how I dye my hair, so I decided to blog about it this time! I f*ked up a bit because I forgot to check if I had hair dye before I started the whole process and turns out I only had a tiny little bit left of the Splat (luscious raspberries) dye I’d been using to get my flamin’ red curls.

I went on an adventure to try and find it but was unsuccessful, so I had to do with Manic Panic. I thought I’d need two containers, but they only had one in Pillarbox Red, so I got a Wildfire (which is closer to an orange tone) to make it up. In the end I didn’t need two containers *eye roll*, but I had already mixed the colors up so I ended up with a brighter red than I expected. It still looks good, so I’m happy!

Just an addendum: I think it’s obvious, but I might as well mention that all products I use are vegan and cruelty-free.

Faded red and bleached roots!

So here’s how my hair was looking once I realized I didn’t have hair dye (ha!). It looks bright but it’s actually very faded. You’ll see what I mean by the end of the post! I should have made the roots lighter, but since I’ve been dying my hair a darker red, I didn’t feel the need to get my hair super light blond. I used the bleach that comes with the Splat hair dye, but I usually use the powder and developer by Ion.

The dyes

Here’s the pillarbox red and wildfire over the little leftover I had of luscious raspberries (I can never not laugh when I say the name of this dye). Note that they look weirdly brighter on the second picture, they are definitely closer to the first picture’s color.

After the application

Here’s how it looks after I’ve coated the whole hair. I always make sure that all the hair is saturated to avoid missing any spots. I use a fine comb to comb each strand of hair after I apply the hair dye to even it out. Sage was actually the one who did the back of my head this time! If that isn’t love, than I don’t know what is! ❤️

My beautiful shower cap head

Manic panic recommends using a shower cap, so I used one because I was a little worried that a lighter red wouldn’t cover the roots very well.

The murder scene

After about 40 minutes (the recommended time is half an hour, but I was distracted by my phone and not really worried about leaving the color longer because it won’t damage the hair), I rinsed it off. No shampoo or conditioner needed.

After the deed was done

Here’s how it looked fresh out of the shower and right after I styled it. I also have videos on how I cut and style my hair if you’re curious or bored!

The result

And here’s the day after! Hair dry and styled (and makeup on!). I’m actually very happy with the result and I’m thinking the wedding pictures will look amazing!

I’ll make sure to share them here! 💖

Hope this post was helpful to those who wanna venture in this self-hair-dying-world.

Ps: I have to say I was really upset for having messed up and forgotten to get hair dye for such an important day, but I’ve been trying to be more positive and I think the result was actually very good!

I should probably get a bouquet…? I need a manual 😩

See you soon!


ED Recovery Journey

Hi everyone! I got a really supportive response from folks on my last post and on youtube too. Thank you all so much. It’s always a good feeling to know you’re not alone.

I’ve actually been at a much better place these past two days. It suddenly feels like I finally lost the fat I dreaded so much and I’m back to my regular body size. I even went to Hot Topic to get some new pants and I feel so good in them! There’s a little video on my Instagram story, but I’ll edit this post to add a proper picture later.

New pants!!!

I still have very negative thoughts about weight and food, so I’ll have to keep working on that. It’s really incredible how we’re raised in a society that hates fat people so much! I remember saying from a very young age that I’d rather have an eating disorder than to be fat – well, here I am! I really hope our society will change very very soon and that people will stop commenting on each other’s bodies. I have this memory with an extremely negative feeling attached to it and I’ll share it so I can make my point:

I had gained weight living in Canada and I went back home for the holidays. We went to my uncle’s place – where we usually gather for big family celebrations – and as soon as my uncle saw me he said something to the effect “wow! Look at you! Now you’re looking good!” And even though he obviously meant it as a compliment, I knew that he liked women with fuller bodies that I considered fat. I was already uncomfortable with my body, but after that comment I couldn’t live with myself. I had to lose weight.

People really shouldn’t be commenting on each other’s weight and/or size. You never know how that will affect the person. What is intended as a compliment can be received in a very negative manner, as was the case with my uncle.

This  also proves my point that we’re raised in a toxic society. Of course it won’t affect everyone in the same manner, but we know for a fact that girls are always trying to lose weight or change something about their bodies. Men are also affected, of course, but according to the National Eating Disorder Information Centre women are three times more likely to have an ED than men. My mom’s boyfriend told me recently that “women always think they need to lose 2 kg” and it’s true! I grew up surrounded by women trying this or that diet, complaining about their bodies but also talking about how so-and-so used to be beautiful but now they’re fat. In contrast, I can only think of four men in my life who wanted to lose weight.

I’m gonna go before I derail too much from my original point, but I’ll leave you with a link to this CNN article on why we body-shame people.

Hope you have an amazing weekend!