Writer’s block

writersblockI’m sure everyone’s heard of writer’s block. Some of my fellow bloggers have talked about it in the past and many book authors have talked about it as well. But I feel like for me this was different. I did know what to write about – I mean, I had just gotten married and had amazing pictures to share! I wanted to write the blog post as soon as I got the pictures, but I felt the weight of my self-imposed rule that I had to watermark all the pictures before posting them and I just kept dreading the work it was gonna take me to do that…

I think that’s under the category of procrastination which is something I’m really good at, but also under perfectionism. You see, I used to blog when I was young and had no responsibilities other than school. I grew up in Brazil where school is usually from 7am-12pm, so I had pretty much the whole afternoon and evening to be on my pc blogging away. I learned to code and to edit my templates on Photoshop, so my blog was very personalized (on a side note, I’m actually very sad that wordpress won’t let me edit my blog to look however I want it to…). So at that time everything I posted was beautifully edited and always had my name and blog written on it. Nowadays I mostly post from my phone or from a pc without Photoshop, and the free apps for editing are just garbage very poor at editing pictures.

So I found myself stuck in the predicament that I had to do it before being able to post, but that doing it would require way more energy than I had available. Dealing with a mental illness is pretty draining, especially when you’re unhappy about other aspects of your life (which then feed the mental illness and makes it even more difficult and the snowball effect starts…).

This is not a new experience to me, it actually happens quite frequently and I feel like it prevents me from achieving so much in life… I find that the only thing that helps is to acknowledge what is happening and just do it. I know that’s not the most helpful advice, but it’s the only way I’ve personally found to help me in this situation.

Did you ever experience something like this? Do you have a way of dealing with it? I’d love to hear your thoughts! I really want to overcome this, not only in blogging but also in all other aspects of my life. I really feels like it hold me back sooo much and I want to change that.

I feel like this was a very poorly written post. I hope it at least conveyed the message I wanted it to…

I’ll try to write a better one for next time!