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Hi all, I just wanted to make a follow up post on my neighbor. She’s been sober for a few days now and is attending her AA meetings. She has a worker and is figuring things out. She wants to get her shit together and be able to care for her dog again. I really…

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Dark thoughts on death and dying

Content warning: Discussion of  drug abuse, detox, rehab, sexual assault, depression and suicide. Please consider reading a different post if these topics can be triggering for you. I recently had an experience that brought out a lot of feelings and thoughts I’ve had throughout my life. It wasn’t something I had experienced before and I…

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Writer’s block

I’m sure everyone’s heard of writer’s block. Some of my fellow bloggers have talked about it in the past and many book authors have talked about it as well. But I feel like for me this was different. I did know what to write about – I mean, I had just gotten married and had…

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The Art Of Being Skinny

I was commenting on an ED recovery post and realized that my comment would probably be somewhat triggering for people. So I decided to make it a blog post instead. Trigger warning: discussion of body size, body image, and eating disorders. People in recovery talk about how accepting their bodies helped them recover. “Body positive”…

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Hello again, old friend

Having depression sucks. I feel like I’ve had mild depression for years, but because it’s mild and I’m a “functional” human being I never got diagnosed so I never got help. I’ve been able to notice things that make it worse, but some days I’m just sad and there’s nothing I can do about it.…

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