New job, new dog?

Hi there!

I know I have been gone a long time, but I think about posting every day! I have the horrible habit of thinking “I can’t do something well enough so I’ll just watch Netflix instead”… I even started a habit tracker to try to get out of this mindset but then I started slacking off on that too :/

A lot has been going on though. I was thinking of being unemployed for a couple months so I could really focus on self-care, but then I got offered a position in my actual field of work and I couldn’t say no! Turns out I still have to interview because of HR, but it’s almost guaranteed I’ll get it unless I really screw up the interview. I’ve been studying so that I can be prepared for it. It’s in a tough neighborhood with complex clients, so it’ll be a challenge but I’ll gain valuable experience and it’s a contract, so there’s no permanent obligation. With this kind of experience it’ll be much easier to get other jobs in the future!

Luna and Thomas
Luna and Thomas

The other thing is that I’m dog sitting for my friend. She can’t afford a place by herself and couldn’t find a roommate who wanted pets, so she can’t keep her dog, Tom, anymore. He’s a 10 month old chihuahua. Very cute but he whines. A LOT. Our dog Luna is very chill and very well behaved, so I kind of forgot how baby dogs can be annoying at times and I feel bad for getting mad at him. We’ve been able to reduce his whining considerably by ignoring him and putting him in his crate when he won’t stop, but I need more strategies to help him. Sage didn’t actually want a second dog, but he said yes because he loves me and he knows I care very much about my friend, so I really don’t want the dog to bother him with his whininess. I also need tips on training two dogs at the same time. Tom only knows how to sit while Luna can sit, stay, give the paw (and the other), down, and she actually listens when I say “no” hahaha. She’s also extremely quiet and is more than happy to just sleep by my side all day (or sleep on the couch when mommy and daddy aren’t home). She never goes inside. I’m pretty sure there’s some trauma involved in that, she won’t even pee on the side walk: potty is on grass only. (Luna is a rescue, so we don’t know much about her past). Thomas has had a couple accidents at home, but he knows to go on his pad – which is very helpful. I was able to book his neuter with the humane society for the end of October, so hopefully that’ll help with his training too.

A blurry picture of us

It’s funny because Tom is SO smol! He makes Luna seem like a giant LOL. Her teeth look much bigger now, I can see why some children want to pet her but don’t want her to sniff them, hahaha. She’s so gently though. Tom will bark at strangers… I think it’s because he’s so small and he grew up in the suburbs, so he’s not used to seeing so many people. Luna is basically his first dog friend. (Don’t tell Luna I said she’s friends with Tom).

I think this turned out to be a great post! I’m pretty happy with it. *strikes Superman pose* I hope you enjoyed it too!

I promise I’ll be back soon!!


– Your favorite vegan Fox 🦊


One thought on “New job, new dog?

  1. Good luck with your interview! also… aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAA I love Tom! He’s so cute, and he reminds me of Poptart when I look at him. He’s a little stockier that Poptart though which is probably a good thing. Peanut’s a kinda whiny lady, I think the thing that’s helped the most with decreasing her whininess is giving her attention in small doses whenever possible as long as she isn’t whining. I don’t necessarily bend to her will when she whines but I make it known to her that she can get what she wants without making a fuss. Maddie’s whinier though and in her 13 years she’s only gotten worse. It’s like she screams at me. But she’s a cat so she kinda just does what she wants. Chihuahuas need to be really well socialized as young as possible since they’re so small and can get scared. It’s good that you’re getting him around other people and dogs. I wish we did that with Peanut and Poptart. I wish we lived near enough that our dogs could meet, my dogs need other small friends that can’t hurt them. 😦 Maybe some day I’ll be in Canada. Can’t wait for more posts ♡


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